Quick Tips To Perform Better in Board Exam

Now, it is less than a month time when you write your board exam (10th & 12th class) and you need to do put some extra effort to get good results. You must have prepared well for your exam but since very less time left now, you need to extra careful about planning, time execution, and concentration.

Here are few simple tips which will help you in organizing your study time in such a way that you will not be feeling the burden of subjects and time.

Make a timetable & follow it religiously

The best way to excel in time management by giving the good amount of time to every subject is by making a time-based plan i.e. Make a Timetable. When you follow a timetable, you will make yourself aware of time value and how much time you can give to subjects based on the syllabus covered till now. So, do make a timetable and follow it.

Study in smaller sessions

It is scientifically proven that smaller study sessions are better and our mind observes and preserve memory for the longer duration of time. So, make your study sessions smaller, 20-30 minutes or maximum of 40 minutes. Longer study sessions are not as effective as the shorter sessions. Longer sessions will make you tired when smaller sessions will keep you fresh for next sessions after the break.

Choose a specific time that suits you

Choose a time for your study that suits you the best. When I was studying, I used to study at 4 o’clock in the morning and it was best suitable for me and it is indeed a great time for studies. But, it may not suit you if you don’t like to wake up that early or you prefer to study at night. So, it is better to pick a time when you feel more fresh, energetic and can concentrate.

Make flash cards

I would say that never try to memorize anything, try to understand the formulae and think about them as and when you can apply those in problems. I recommend, to keep blank rectangular flash cards with you and try to write those formulae on it while traveling. You can also write important formulae and concepts on flash cards while studying and keep them with you for refreshing the concepts or for revision. That’s the perfect way of doing effective learning.

Practice, Practice And Practice

Practice as much as you can do, it will increase your understanding and speed. Practice with previous year question papers as it can increase your confidence level. Practice by solving problems and try to teach your friends if they want you to as it will solidify your concepts further and you will have much better understanding of that subject. Our mind works more creatively when it tries to teach someone.

Eroll to test series

Now, that you are in last days of your preparation, it is great to take tests to give it an extra boost. When you take a test, it will increase your speed, accuracy, and by analyzing the results, you will get to know your stronger and weaker points. With this, you will have the list of weaker/stronger points, you can concentrate more on weaker points to score more in the next test. So, do take tests or enroll to a test-series.

Practice, Test, And Repeat

The best way to prepare for any exam is to follow this process which I call: Circle of Study- Practice, Test, And Repeat.

First, learn the subject and practice it, then take a test to analyze, and then again practice with working more on weaker points.

So, I hope you are already following these tips and on a path to do well in your upcoming examinations. I wish you all the best.

I wish you all the best. Do well and do write to us in the comment box if you want any help.

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