About Us

We believe in learning by doing and hence, we create engaging, innovative and out of the box course content for our students.

Our Team

We are a creative, innovative and enthusiast team, who works with passion and love. We provide the best courses, content and training you need to succeed. We help you to get better and better.

Sunil Kumar Gupta, Founder, EaseYourSuccess

Sunil Kumar GuptaOur founder, Sunil has successfully taught around 20,000 students from 149 countries during last 2 years. It is his love for teaching that he left his well-paying corporate job and started EaseYourSuccess to share his knowledge, vision, and experience with the world.

Sunil is a developer, programmer, mentor and all round technology nut. With over 6 years of professional experience in the software development as Software Engineer and Technology Analyst, he understands what technology can do for us.

He loves building applications using Object Orientated languages & Aspect Orientated programming.

He has a special love for Data Analysis, Data Science, and Analytics.

Minakshi Gupta, Chief Content Officer, EaseYourSuccess

Minakshi Gupta Chied Content Officer, EaseYourSuccess

Minakshi is a cool, calm and introvert person with love for learning and teaching. She takes time, to get along with new people but once she is in, you will be surprised by her clarity of mind, innovative ideas, and thoughtful vision.

She loves cooking and runs her cooking blog www.minakshigupta.com where she shares her recipes. She is a teacher by nature.